Along the Wilderness Trail to the new River...through Wood's Gap...onto Goblintown Creek, Huckleberry Creek, Greasy Creek, Burks Fork of Little River, the Black Ridge, Buffalo the tiny communities of Jacksonville, Rush Fork (Santos) and Willis...came an unfolding line of ancestors who emigrated from Europe in the 1600's and 1700's and eventually made their way to southwestern Virginia. Among them was the youngest son of an immigrant and veteran of the Revolution -- Christopher Schlosser. This web site focuses on him, his ancestors, and his successors.  

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For those of us with Virginia and Missouri roots, we likely decended from Christopher Schlosser (Slusher), Sr., the settler ancestor of most of the Slushers in Floyd County. He was the youngest son of the German immigrant Peter Schlosser, who came to America through the port of Philadelphia in 1732 on the ship, 'Dragon'. Although Peter settled in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he is buried in Sharpsburg, Maryland.

Our organization was founded in 1970 to conduct research, record and pass along the history of our family - primarily since our arrival in America in the early 1700's -- and also seek a greater awareness of our ancestry in Europe. During the first ten years of our organization, a significant focus was made upon gathering historical records -- Wills, deeds, notes from family bibles, etc. and publishing them in the organization's newsletter. Copies of those newsletters are available for download from this web site.

We maintain a web-based genealogical history of our family, focused primarily on Christopher (Schlosser) Slusher and his descendants -- listing over 11,000 individuals in this wonderful resource. The database is available to members of the Slusher Family Organization. Anyone desiring to become a member should send biennial dues of only $5.00 per family to Alice H. Hollandsworth, Treasurer, 2517 Parkway Lane S., Floyd, VA 24091. Please click here to go directly to the database to request a username and password.

Our practice is to meet on the 3rd Sunday of July of every even year. The next meeting is scheduled for 21 July 2024 in Floyd, Va. Please make plans now to attend!

Please consider joining our organization and help us in both preserving and expanding our rich family history!

Officers elected at our July 2022 meeting are:

Tom Schlosser
Recording Secretary Janet Slusher Keith
Treasurer Alice Hollandsworth
Corresponding Sec/Webmaster/Database Mgmnt Jeff Slusher
Genealogist/Historian Al Creasy
Genealogist/Historian Venda Radford Keith
Genealogist/Historian June Capps Norris
Genealogist/Historian Anne Robertson
Genealogist/Historian/Database Mgmnt Jeff Silverman



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