Christopher Jr.'s Children:

Catharine 1803 - 1837. Married Lewis Star 1821. (8 children)

Allen 1805 - 1842. Married Mahala Harris 1828.

Matilda 1806 - 1824. Married Jordan James

Mary 1809 - 1846. Married Isaac Gilham (6 children). Second marriage to John Talbort (2 children)

Nancy 1811 - 1896. Married David Phlegar 1828 (14 children)

Roland 1813 - 1843. Married Lockie Trigg Jennings (6 children)

Henry 1816 - 1892. Married Rebecca Robinson 1839 (3 children). Second marriage to May Hogan (12 children)

Susannah 1818 - 1894. Married Wm Henry Harrison Hockensmtih 1837. (11 children)

Thomas Holt 1822 - 1874. Married Minerva Beck 1841.

Mariah Jane 1826 - 1907. Married George Washington Cooper (7 children)

Andrew Jackson 1829 - 1900. Andrew was their only child born in Missouri. Married Susan Jane Woods 1851.

Christopher Jr.'s genealogical info in the Slusher Family History











Christopher, Jr. (1781-1853) married Hannah Meyers and moved to Lafayette Co., Missouri in 1828 where they raised a family of eleven children, only the youngest of whom was born in Missouri. Land in Virginia owned at one time by Christopher, Jr., included a trading post and tavern which today is the site of the Town House Motel in Hillsville, Va.

Two fairly large documents (one of them 133 pages, the other 92 pages) are available for download here.

"Descendants of Christopher Stuffle Slusher, Jr." by Virginia Lee Slusher Fisher, published March 1994 is an outstanding family history of Christopher, Jr.'s move to Missouri and a compilation of over 1,100 descendants and family members.

"A History of Homes" by the Slusher Homemakers Club 1936 is a collection of historical sketches of the Slusher Community in Missouri.


Both documents were scanned from photocopies-- so the quality of the photographs (particularly in "A History of Homes") is significantly deteriorated from the photocopy/rescan process. However, the vast majority of text is clearly readable.


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