Along the Wilderness Trail to the new River...through Wood's Gap...onto Goblintown Creek, Huckleberry Creek, Greasy Creek, Burks Fork of Little River, the Black Ridge, Buffalo the tiny communities of Jacksonville, Rush Fork (Santos) and Willis...came an unfolding line of ancestors who emigrated from Europe in the 1600's and 1700's and eventually made their way to southwestern Virginia. Among them was the youngest son of an immigrant and veteran of the Revolution -- Christopher Schlosser. This web site focuses on him, his ancestors, and his successors.  



The Slusher Family Organization held it's 26th Reunion on July 19, 2020 via ZOOM. About 20 relatives attended the meeting electronically, given we had chosen to not meet in person this year over concerns of the COVID-19 virus. It was a new experience for most of us and we were happy that it worked as well as it did, even though internet connections were not perfect.

Prior to an open discussion by all participants Janet Keith discussed the 50-year history of our organization and Jeff Silverman made a great presentation on Slusher Roots. The slides from his talk are available here.

Both presentations (and the remainder of our reunion) were recorded. An audio recording of the meeting is available here. (We started recording about 3 minutes into the meeting.)

Looking forward to seeing everyone in person at our next gathering at a time/place to be announced!



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