1. To join our organization, send biennial dues of $5.00 per family to Alice H. Hollandsworth, Treasurer, 2517 Parkway Lane S, Floyd, VA 24091

2. Then go to the database at this link and click the link that says, "Register for a User Account" and follow those instructions.

3. If you are having problems, send me an email by clicking here.







One of the primary objectives of the Slusher Family Organization is to develop and archive accurate genealogical information on those related to Christopher (Schlosser) Slusher, Sr., the ancestor from whom many of those in our organization descended. Much time and energy has been spent in developing and maintaining the Slusher Family Database which contains more than 10,000 individual names as of 2020. Of particular note, those finding the information useful should thank Robbie Robertson who initially created the database and placed over 9,000 people into this research tool.

Beginning in the Spring of 2016, we began the process of migrating our database from an older program to a more modern, web-based system with much easier editing and updating capabilities -- and a more robust username and password management system.

Read-only access to the web version is available to Slusher Family Organization members; however, if you have a significant number of updates you wish to make in the database, to include photographs, contact the administrator by clicking here and you will be given 'read/write' priviledges.

After reviewing the data, if you find errors or wish to make additions, please send that information directly to Jeff Slusher by clicking here.




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